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QUESTION: How do I Fold and Send Sails?


How To Fold and Send Your Sails

Step One:
Starting at the foot of the sail, make the first fold about 18 to 20 inches up from the foot.
Step Two:
Make a similar sized fold further up on the sail and lay the second fold on the first.
Step Three:
Continue in this manner until the whole sail is neatly folded.
Step Four:
Make sure the sail is smooth and free of creases.
Step Five:
Start the packing fold across the width of the sail.
Step Six:
Fold the sail over and over about 18 to 20 inches or small enough to fit the box you are going to use

QUESTION: What are the rules for shipping?

ANSWER: Upon arrival at our facilities your sails will be measured for square footage and then inspected for any unidentified repairs that may be necessary.

  • Shipping and receiving can be arranged with your preferred shipper.

  • Please do not ship the sails with the battens in the pockets as they may get broken in shipping and could cause damage to the sail.

  • Please do not pack the sails with packing "PEANUTS" as they are not needed, and are costly to dispose of.

  • Please ship your sails in the sail bag with proper personal identification, ie name/address.

  • Any hardware that you can remove would be greatly appreciated, except slides or hanks. Please remove sheets unless being cleaned.

  • Initial inspection before processing does not always reveal all the issues that need to be dealt with on your sail.

  • After processing your sail is again inspected. If additional issues surface you will be notified and advised before we proceed. (You can't see all the nicks and scratches in the paint of a car until after it's been cleaned.)